The Elizabeth Smily Virtual Gallery of Fine Art - Floor Plan The Galleries Main Hallway About the Artist Press Clippings   Early Sketchbooks (1930s) Character Studies   Circus Drawings Large Animal Studies  Figure Studies - Female  Figure Studies - Male  The Chelsea Gallery -      (1946-1951) Before and After WWII  Portraits Charcoal & Mixed Media Pastel Watercolour Children  Oil  - Female Nudes Oil- Male Family  Self-Portraits Subject and Painting Demonstrations Other Portraits Chemainus Wall Mural Compositions Animals Dogs & Cats Horses Other Animals Birds Other Works Landscapes  Still Life  Sculpture   Made with Xara Web Designer Contents © Elizabeth Smily 2010  Web Design by Susan Smily The Virtual Gallery is an exhibition of Elizabeth Smily’s work over the years, with photographs of nearly 600 works of art. In addition, there is a physical gallery in Grayville, IL that houses approximately 350 paintings, drawings, and sketches. In each “gallery” those items that are in the Grayville Gallery are noted separately from those that are privately owned.